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Chatham County Forestry Pageant

Baby -Junior Application & Prizes

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Teeny-Junior Miss Queens- will receive a beautiful crown, satin monagrammed sash, crowning pin, trophy or plaque, beauty fees will be paid to state, and a *savings bond at the end of their reign (*if duties as Chatham County Forestry Queen are met).
*Baby Miss Queen will receive all gifts except for State fees and savings bond. (There is no Baby Miss division at the State pageant!) 
Optional Winners- will receive a trophy or plaque
Runner-ups- will receive a trophy or plaque and all contestants not placing will receive a participation trophy or plaque
Hospitality Queen- The person selling the most ads (minimum of 10 ads) will receive all prizes as listed for teeny thru junior miss queens including your beauty fees paid to the State competition in June! You can ask businesses, friends and family to buy ads! Get started selling ads now! 
Popularity Princess- The girl receiving the most $1 votes will receive a beautiful crown, satin monagrammed sash, and trophy. Start collecting your votes now!!

For questions contact:
Lydia Luke (Director)
106 Blair Way Guyton,GA 31312
(912) 728-4324 or (912) 429-9555

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